"Full of passion and limitless energy, Noah, Ashton, Billal and George are the youthful quartet all aged 19 years old, who are eager to impress, and they certainly don't fall short of that intention."


 With influences ranging from Arctic Monkeys through to the atmospheric, dance-y cool vibes of FOALS, Theory59 have created a wall of sound that pulses with innovative arrangements, driving riffs and edgy drums, encompassed by sweet harmonic vocals.

Having spent two years writing and taking the time to get their "sound" down, the band debuted the “SLEEPLESS” EP in March 2013, consisting of five original songs that leave you uplifted with the desire for more.

Wasting no time, in May 2013 they featured on Radio 1's weekly playlist, as the "BBC INTRODUCING…Band Of The Week”. This amassed a huge fan base across the country, with people tweeting and hyping about the group as far afield as Australia.

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